The Wines


Above and below the Bellavista hill, in the heart of Franciacorta,Vittorio Morettihas brought together his house, his first vineyard and his wine cellar. Franciacorta has its centre of gravity in the land itself; it is made up of ahandful of narrow hills between Lake Iseo and the Po valley, where the balance of the landscape, with its smooth lines, emphasizes its uniqueness.

Today Bellavista owes its excellence not only to the land, but also to the dedication and imagination of Vittorio Moretti, the company’s founder, and Francesca Moretti, a young winemaker who launched the company into the future of new markets.

Bellavista has always aimed for the perfection that comes from the foresight of doing things again and again, interlacing data and experience with the specific intention of obtaining a subtle composition of exceptional raw materials whose characteristics are enhanced through anart of winemaking which is so rare nowadays.

There are 190 hectares of vineyards, spread over ten municipalities of Franciacorta for a total of 107 plots of land that are equivalent to one hundred and seven vineyards, all planned, loved and recognized by name. All work is carried out with great attention to detail; time, silence, and workmanship are all highly prized. There isn’t just a single harvest, but separate harvests depending on the exposure of each vineyard. And there are 1,600 pièces, small 228 litre barrels, for fermenting musts. And then the “reserve wines” that represent a truly valuable reservoir from which the sensory profile that characterizes the Bellavista style can be drawn each year. A tasteful constant, expressed with subtlety, energy and extraordinary complexity, symbolising a tradition inspired by thepure essence of a harmony that is entirely Italian.

Since 2004, Bellavista has been the official partnerof the Teatro alla Scala, toasting this famous institution’s most exclusive moments of artistic activity. Inspired by this noble art, a limited collection of wines devoted to the Theatre’s major “débuts”: this commitment translates into solid support for the talents of the young people attending the Accademia del Teatro alla Scala founded by maestro Riccardo Muti.